The Queen’s disappointment

The Queen’s disappointment

The Queen is disappointed. 

In what is being hailed as “the starkest political statements the Queen is known to have made during a 67-year reign”, the 93-year-old monarch is said to have expressed disappointment at the current crop of British politicians and their ‘inability to govern’.

It’s a rare day when Her Majesty’s views on the political climate are made known.

Reportedly the comment came on the back of David Cameron’s resignation as prime minister in the wake of the explosive political fallout from the 2016 referendum.

It stands to reason Her Majesty’s frustration can have only grown exponentially since as said referendum continues to divide her country and her parliament

Indeed an “impeccable” royal source confirmed the Queen’s frustrations with the political class had only escalated: “I think she’s really dismayed.  I’ve heard her talking about her disappointment in the current political class and its inability to govern correctly.”

The report comes after it emerged that Buckingham Palace and Downing Street are holding urgent talks about how to prevent the Queen from being dragged into the looming constitutional crisis over Brexit.

Pro- and anti-Brexit MPs are increasingly calling for her to step into the debate.

Speculation continues to grow regarding whether the politicians will try and force the Queen to intervene if Prime Minister Boris Johnson loses a no-confidence vote in September or October.