Queen Elizabeth II: Australia’s most admired woman

Queen Elizabeth II: Australia’s most admired woman

YouGov have released their “World’s most admired 2019” and, as is only right in our humble opinions, Her Majesty has placed in the top five most admired women in the world.

To be clear, it’s no mean feat earning a mention on this illustrious tally.

This year’s YouGov study expanded to cover the views of people in 41 countries – the most ever – with more than 42,000 individuals interviewed to compile the list.

Most importantly, in the study specific to Australia, our much beloved Queen took out the number one spot as our nation’s most admired woman.

And to further prove our good taste, the royal family are well represented in the men’s stakes also, with Prince Harry featuring at number six and Prince William not far behind, ranking as Australia’s eighth most admired man.

With such an impressive turnout by our royals, one might say making Australia’s most admired list is a family affair.

Great to see our nation’s admiration for our monarch is on par with ours. 

Long Live The Queen!