Prince William encourages more open conversations about mental health

Prince William encourages more open conversations about mental health

Princes William and Harry are utilising their royal platform to promote an issue that is close to their hearts.

Joining forces, the brothers have launched Heads Together – an organisation to promote mental health awareness.

Heads Together encourages people to engage in more open conversations about mental health.

Most recently, they’ve branched off to specialise in the world of football.

Doubtless having something to do with Prince William having been President of the Football Association 2006 and regularly attending FA Cup finals and England games, Heads Together in conjunction with FA has sprouted Heads Up.

This new initiative focuses exclusively on starting the conversation about mental health awareness amongst footballers, coaches and others involved in England’s most loved sport.

It’s a season-long campaign spearheaded by the Duke, using the influence and popularity of football to help everyone feel as comfortable talking about mental health as they are talking about the beautiful game. 

And what better way start such a conversation than in a pub?

So it was that Prince William could be found last week at the Prince Albert pub in London, watching the England vs Czech Republic match with fans to promote the project.

Joined by Chelsea Football Club Head Coach Frank Lampard, the prince was in good company along with a group of hardcore football fans.

Each fan invited to enjoy the game with the duke and the coach was accompanied by a special someone who was walking with them through a difficult time in their life.

"Everyone should feel as comfortable talking about their mental health as they do talking about football in the pub,” Prince William said.

The dad-of-three chatted to football fans who have been supported by mental health charities Mind and CALM as part of the Heads Up campaign.

Heads Up hopes to encourage men especially to feel comfortable opening up about their mental health.