Mystery man bangs on the doors of Buckingham at 2am

Mystery man bangs on the doors of Buckingham at 2am

Yesterday morning, while the palace slept, a 22 year-old mystery man scaled the front gates of Buckingham at 2am London time.

Apprehended by police as he attempted to bang down the doors of the residence, the trespasser was not found in possession of any weapons and remains in custody.

One might say it went as well as a shockingly major security breach possibly can.

Thankfully it’s been a great many years since the Royals have had a break-in.

Interestingly, this incident is most reminiscent of the only other of its kind: when Mr Michael Fagan famously managed to reach the Queen’s private quarters in 1982. 

In fact yesterday’s break-in was just hours shy of occurring on the exact anniversary of Fagan’s attempt, prompting speculation this mystery man may have got it into his head to emulate him.

Doubtless we’d all relish an opportunity to meet the Queen however, as this young man has just learned, taking matters into one’s own hands doesn’t work when it comes to Her Majesty.