Duchess of Cambridge; active school mum

Duchess of Cambridge; active school mum

Proving once again that she’s a woman of the people, the Duchess of Cambridge has attended a 3 hour long parent meeting at Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school.

Run by award-winning mental health campaigner Hope Virgo, the session reportedly covered everything from body image issues to how pupils can emotionally support each other.

Mental health and child development are two of the Duchess’ passions.

Having founded the mental health charity Heads Together with Prince William and Prince Harry, HRH has been praised for her work.

The royal mum is also very involved in her childrens’ school community at St. Thomas’ Battersea.

“Kate came up and personally spoke to me afterwards, which was nice,” Virgo shared.

“We spoke about the work that I do in schools, particularly for younger people, and we spoke about the importance of early intervention and prevention. She was very chatty and friendly.”

“We ended up talking about how to get young people to think about mental health more broadly.”

The session included a Q&A with the pupils (11-13 year-olds) and a 90-minute chat with parents.

Virgo, 28, who became a mental health activist after a long battle with anorexia as a teen, now works full-time trying to fight the stigma around mental health.

“We get them to think about the kind of emotions they feel throughout the week, and what causes those emotions.”

“It’s about being kind to themselves and not constantly comparing themselves to everyone around them.”