Proof the Queen is a lark with a heart of gold

Proof the Queen is a lark with a heart of gold

Having gone on a stroll on the estate in Aberdeenshire near her Balmoral castle, the Queen was approached by a group of American tourists.

Accompanied by her protection officer, Richard Griffin, the monarch was stopped to have a chat.

Dressed in a tweed coat and a headscarf, one of the most recognizable woman in the world went entirely unrecognized.

Like most, the Queen dresses down on holiday, opting for toned-down outfits in muted colours paired with wellington boots.

In this instance, she proved true her own famous well-known quote: “I can't ever wear beige because nobody will know who I am."

So unaware were the unsuspecting tourists of the monarch’s identity, they asked her if she lived nearby.

Playing along, the Queen said she did indeed have a house close by.

Knowing the royals lived in the area, the unsuspecting tourists then asked, "if she’d met the Queen of England".

At which time Her Majesty enjoyed a private joke, gesturing towards Mr Griffin and seamlessly responding: "No, but this policeman has."

The group soon moved on, remaining completely oblivious to her true identity.

It seems the Queen has always enjoyed good relationship with her help. 

Warrant officer John Ross revealed that the Queen has a habit of checking the quality of her soldiers' packed lunches to make sure they are "being looked after properly".

"One of Her Majesty's priorities was looking after the welfare of the soldiers who were responsible for providing support for all events.”

"She often tasted our packed lunches to check we were being properly looked after before we went out on hunting or fishing trips. She would come to the kitchen and inspect the sandwiches. Most were up to scratch, but if they weren't, they'd be sent back."