6 facts you probably don't know about our new GG

6 facts you probably don't know about our new GG

Born in Wollongong 65 years ago, David Hurley graduated from Duntroon Military College in 1975.

But you knew that already. 

What about these fun facts

1. Previous Governor of NSW
After a distinguished military career, Hurley moved on from his post as Chief of the defence force to assume the role of NSW governor in 2014.

2. Nicknamed “The Governator”
As NSW governor Hurley put on boxing gloves each week to workout with the Aboriginal kids on the Tribal Warrior boxing program. The kids called him ‘Dave’ until they found out who he was – and so began the moniker, “the Governator”. 

3. Patron to more than 240 charities
Philanthropy may be Hurley’s middle name given his patronage to over 240 charities covering a vast range of causes.

4. Pioneered the introduction of combat roles for women
When Hurley signed up to the armed forces in 1972, women were not allowed to join a male battalion much less participate in combat.  It was under his leadership that the gender disparity slowly changed.

5. Reinstated the singing of Christian carols at the Government House Christmas party
It’s no secret Hurley wears his faith on his sleeve so it came as little surprise when he reinstated the singing of carols at the Government House Christmas party.

6. Master of the pick-up line
Mr Hurley got his now-wife’s attention at a jazz club in Sydney in 1976 with the corny pick-up line: “will you mind my cardigan while I go up to the bar to have a drink?”.  The G-G claims it’s “the most successful pick-up line ever used – 100 per cent. Used it once and got married, so that’s fair enough”.

One might say our new G-G is a formidable true blue Australian – a man of many talents with a heart of gold...  We know we do.